Is Norton VPN good, as well?

is norton vpn good for privacy

Norton is perhaps the best-known brand on the cybersecurity market. Developed by NortonLifeLock Inc. – formerly Symantec, a technology company respected worldwide – Norton AntiVirus is also one of the best in this field. While there is no doubt about its antivirus’s quality, this is not necessarily the case with its VPN service. After all, is Norton VPN good for privacy protection and digital freedom?

Truth be told, Norton Secure VPN is a simple-to-use, affordable service with a flexible pricing structure. But that’s all it is. Period. Unfortunately, there aren’t many other specs to highlight or benefits it can provide to its users.

Is Norton VPN as good as the famous antivirus?

As a VPN service, Norton still has a long way to go. There is a lot of room for improvement, especially when compared to more robust and complete VPNs. Many of its competitors offer significantly better services than Norton for similar prices.

Despite the company’s name and great tradition in the cybersecurity world, which is no small thing, when it comes to VPNs, Norton Secure VPN is far below average both in terms of server locations and advanced features.

To give you an idea, the service currently only has servers in 30 countries, while there are excellent VPNs with double or even triple the number of countries in their server networks. Still more relevant is that Norton Secure VPN lacks features like kill-switch and split tunneling, indispensable for offering high-level privacy and performance.

Even in the case of Streaming support, the service falls far short of expectations. In the case of file-sharing activities (P2P), the situation is even worse: the use of this service for Torrenting purposes is prohibited.

Norton Secure VPN might be a good addition to the digital security combos offered by the company. But on its own, as software dedicated to data protection, it is not that great.

If you really need a VPN and want to see the best alternatives available right now, I suggest looking at the Best VPNs page. There you will be able to find a quality option that fits your needs and expectations.

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