VPN setting on Android

vpn setting on android devices

VPN setting on Android devices offers a native option for managing VPN connections. You can set up VPN access for your device based on your available possibilities through this option. Even though it can be useful in some situations, this functionality is more suitable for enterprise network use and only recommended for more experienced users.

For example, you can use this option to access a private network and configure your connection. In this case, you’d need to set up a client (app) on your device and give it autonomy to access the VPN. Android offers a built-in VPN client to help you with the manual configuration.

Although you can successfully use the native client to manage your connection and access to the VPN, I wouldn’t recommend that approach. It requires some technical skills and has limited support for modern networking protocols.

The problem is that the VPN protocols Android currently supports are outdated or not adequately integrated into the operational system. In other words, they’ll get you exposed to hacking attacks. PPTP and L2TP protocols are no longer reliable and are not among the most modern and secure.

If you really want to go this way, there is still the IPSec/IKev2 protocol if that option is available on your Android settings. In this case, you should also install the strongSwan app for better support on the client-side.

Easiest VPN setting on Android devices

Setting a VPN on your Android handset doesn’t have to be complex and time-consuming. The most convenient option to set up a VPN is to choose a good VPN provider and install its dedicated app on your Android handset. There are great brands on the market, with affordable prices and full feature packages, for the most diverse situations. This way, you can get it set up and running in no time while taking full advantage of the benefits a modern and reliable VPN can provide.

Some of these providers like ProtonVPN offer free accounts for you to try out the service. As in Proton’s case, free versions are usually limited and don’t allow the most advanced features and functionality. Nevertheless, this is an excellent idea for those who are discovering the world of VPNs, as Proton is trustworthy and free accounts are scarce in this level of VPN service.

Honestly, it’s not worth taking a risk with free VPNs from unreliable (and unfortunately popular) brands. There are many of them out there, but you’d better avoid them all. With those VPNs, you’ll only get a lousy performance and absolutely no guarantees of privacy and security.

Another viable possibility is to opt for a full plan of one of the best VPNs and test it for as long as possible, using the money-back guarantee. Virtually all quality VPNs offer this advantage, with periods of up to 45 days.

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