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Why is my VPN blocked by the school?

vpn blocked by school

Getting your VPN blocked by the school is a pretty common issue. With new generations of students connected continuously to the Internet, it is becoming increasingly frequent for schools and other educational institutions to restrict the use of their wireless networks.

They determine what students and visitors can or cannot do on the Internet over the connection they provide.

Understand the problem

As educational institutions, this is justifiable to a certain extent. At least according to traditional educational models.

But the main reason may be technical. The bandwidth used by the network for Internet access can be limited, i.e., pay-per-use. Even if it is unlimited, there is still the concern of not overloading the network with unrestricted use of streaming, online games, file-sharing, and other activities outside the school curriculum. That’s right! I know what you’ve been doing online!

Joking aside, it is also clear that some institutions abuse this control. There are many situations where unrestricted access to the web by students is desirable and even necessary.

What is wrong with students checking their social media feeds during breaks? It would even be a way to prevent them from spending much of their classes preoccupied with this subject. What if students need to watch a video to research a school assignment? Will they be restricted to the school’s computers and machines? Digital content will be increasingly present in students’ lives, whether their principals like it or not.

How to prevent your VPN from being blocked by the school

If you have been facing this kind of problem and got your VPN blocked by the school, you’re probably using a free or low-quality VPN. Either way, the first thing you should do is make sure you are taking full advantage of your VPN. Does it have servers optimized to bypass specific blockings, e.g., for streaming or torrenting? That is the best way to go. If not, you can still try switching servers to see if it works.

If the problem persists, the best you can do is to switch VPN. I suggest you do not waste any more time with free VPNs and look for information about the best options available.

High-end VPNs can easily unblock access to any website, application, or online service so that you can use the school network with complete freedom.

There are also other benefits that a reliable VPN can provide in this kind of situation. Even at school, the Wi-Fi network is public and, for that reason, offers many risks in terms of digital security. By accessing the network through an effective VPN connection, you will be able to browse more securely and keep your activities at a much higher privacy level.

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