Amazon Prime blocking VPN: what to do if Prime Video is not working

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It happens a lot. You try to watch your favorite shows and streams on Amazon Prime Video, but something stops you. Whether you see an error message or not, the fact is the content you’ve chosen is not playing. Is Amazon Prime blocking your VPN or Proxy?

The answer is “probably” if you’re using one to enhance your streaming experience. But what if you’re not using any of those tools? There may be other reasons, indeed.

Whatever this is, you need to understand the situation, diagnose the problem and find a proper way to fix it. In this article, you’ll see the most common Prime Video errors regarding VPNs and Proxy servers, their potential causes, and possible solutions, of course.

Right to the point (TL; DR)

Those annoying error messages can pop up for many reasons. Depending on what’s going on, you’ll need specific methods to get rid of them:

  • If you don’t use a VPN or Proxy service (or don’t even know what they are), follow these troubleshooting tips to fix the error;
  • In the same way, if you use a VPN or Proxy to hide your device’s traffic, you have nothing to worry about either. But you’ll need to check these guidelines instead;
  • If none of the methods solve the problem, you may need a premium VPNTop-level VPN services deploy cutting-edge technology to ensure access to Amazon Prime Video and other streaming services as well.
Bypass Amazon Prime Video blocks the easy way
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Does Amazon Prime block VPN and Proxy servers?

Unfortunately, the short answer is “Yes,” Amazon Prime blocks VPNs and Proxies. And the company is really skillful at it. It’s been an ongoing struggle between Amazon and the VPN providers for many years.

Why does Amazon Prime block VPNs?

The problem is Amazon doesn’t want people to use those tools with Prime Video because of its licensing agreements with third-party studios and producers.

Although Amazon Prime Video is one of the most popular streaming video services globally, it’s unavailable in all countries. People who live in countries where the service hasn’t arrived yet or is prohibited often use VPNs and HTTP proxies to bypass Amazon Prime geographical restrictions.

VPN services allow users to spoof their location, thus opening up all the geo-blocked content for them. Content that Amazon is only allowed to stream on territories where it has valid distribution licenses. For that reason, films, TV shows, live events, and series streaming in the US might be unavailable in the UK, for example.

To further discourage VPN usage, Prime Video kind of started allowing access from abroad to your local content (1). That is one major issue users have about VPN blocking on streaming platforms. In Amazon’s service, users can now download the content beforehand and watch it offline anywhere.

But if you don’t make this “travel arrangement,” you will be limited to the content available for the region you are physically in, though.

Amazon Prime Video Dowload Button - watch offline
User can download any Prime Video title to watch it offline.

What are the possible causes for the VPN error in Amazon Prime?

Prime Video can trigger error alerts for different reasons. There are two possible scenarios for “VPN or Proxy” errors: Amazon Prime Video has detected and blocked VPN (or Proxy) traffic, or it can be a false positive.

When your videos are not playing due to VPN or Proxy issues, you’ll likely be getting error messages on your screen mentioning those tools or the situations in which they are typically used.

According to Prime Video itself (2), other types of errors can also be “fixed” when you “disable any VPN or Proxy servers.” In practice, that means their system can display VPN or Proxy related errors in many situations, even when neither of those tools is enabled.

"Deactivate VPN or Proxy servers": Prime Video troubleshooting.

If you know nothing about these technologies, chances are you fit in the first scenario. But if you use one of those tools, you’ll need to find a suitable configuration or a better, more powerful VPN provider.

How can I disable Amazon Prime Video's VPN error message?

If you don’t frequently use a VPN or Proxy service and see one of the errors below (or maybe your streaming simply doesn’t work), it’s unlikely the problem has something to do with VPNs or Proxies.

These are the most common errors users face when they can’t watch Amazon Prime Video titles:

1007 1022 7003 7005 7031

These errors may be related to your device or Internet connection. It may have to do, for example, with the IP address assigned to your device by your ISP. Perhaps the streaming platform has already added this address to its IP blocking list.

You can try these solutions in the given order to fix the problem:

  1. Make sure your internet connection is working correctly. Just try to do something else online to see if it works;
  2. If your connection is ok, check if your device’s OS has a new version available and update it if that’s the case. That won’t be the problem in most cases unless you have disabled automatic updates;
  3. Do the same to your browser if you’re trying to access Prime Video through its website instead of the dedicated streaming app;
  4. On the other hand, if you’re using the application, ensure you have the latest version installed;
  5. Try to restart your device if you haven’t yet due to a software update in the previous steps;
  6. Restart your router. Pull it off the outlet and keep it unplugged for a few minutes. That will increase your chances of having a new IP assigned to it. Perhaps one that isn’t blocked yet.


But if you currently use a VPN or Proxy, chances are your provider is being actively blocked by Amazon. In that case, you might probably be getting other error codes, like one of the following.

Amazon Prime Video Error Code 4601 (Service Area Restriction)

“This video isn’t available due to geographical licensing restriction.”

The most common error Prime Video subscribers face in this context is the infamous Error Code 4601. The message is about “service area restriction,” which means the content you are trying to watch isn’t available in your country or region.

When users see this error, they’re probably trying to spoof their location, but your VPN or proxy provider is getting detected and blocked.

Amazon Prime Video Error 1042 (HTTP Proxy Not Supported)

“Your device’s Internet connection is using an HTTP proxy which prevents playing your video.”

Amazon Prime Video Error 1042 (HTTP Proxy Not Supported) is another standard error that might pop up when a user tries to watch a video through a VPN or proxy server. This error occurs because Amazon Prime Video has identified one of these connections and is restricting its usage.

amazon prime video vpn or proxy error message animated screenshot
One of the error alerts users can get on Amazon Prime Video.

Why is Amazon Prime Video not working with my VPN?

Actually, it’s your VPN that isn’t working with Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video is continually detecting and blocking proxy and VPN servers. VPN providers, for their turn, are constantly developing new tactics to avoid those blocks. Things are dynamic and can change at any time on this battlefield.

Amazon’s streaming service tries to prevent its subscribers from using those tools. So, a VPN provider capable of tricking Prime Video’s VPN blocking system is a necessity in that context.

How does Amazon Prime Video detect my VPN?

It’s hard to tell which method is being used without assessing each particular case. Streaming services such as Prime Video and Netflix use different methods to detect and block VPNs.

They can range from simply blocking IPs associated with proxy or VPN servers to more sophisticated VPN detection techniques.

It’s like a cat-and-mouse game. But don’t worry; there will always be a workaround.

How to get around the Amazon Prime Video VPN blocking

Prime Video excels in its geographical blocking efforts. It’s one of the most challenging streaming services for VPN providers when it comes to bypassing geo-restrictions. Therefore, not all VPN services work with Amazon Prime Video.

Anyway, there are some tweaks you can try in order to make your VPN work with Prime Video. But the awful truth is that they probably won’t be enough if you’re using a lousy service.

You might want to try these:

  1. See if your VPN has dedicated technology or servers for streaming purposes and take advantage of them;
  2. If that’s not the case, try to switch to another random VPN server. You’ll be limited to the array of servers your VPN provides in the desired location. Test as many servers as needed to find a working one or until you exhaust all the available possibilities;
  3. If you have trouble finding a server that works, try changing VPN protocols instead. Keep in mind that this can lead to lower security standards in some cases;
  4. You can also try to switch your encryption settings. Again, this can result in weaker security, so do this with caution and, preferably, only if you are an experienced VPN user;
  5. If none of the tweaks above work, try to change to a better VPN service provider. As I’ve mentioned before, you won’t stand a chance against those restrictions while using a free or low-quality VPN service. Amazon Prime will keep on blocking your VPN.


If you are serious about it, you should pick a VPN suitable for streaming purposes, especially one dedicated to unblocking Amazon Prime Video.

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These VPNs use cutting-edge technology and are particularly focused on unlocking streaming libraries worldwide. They usually deploy entire teams committed to finding new technical solutions whenever needed. That means these services are actively working on getting around streaming services blocking.

For that reason, only premium services can bypass those restrictions consistently. Nevertheless, even the most established VPNs frequently have trouble avoiding those blockings.

For example, ExpressVPN might not work with Prime Video at a given moment, or you might find Amazon blocking NordVPN. But it’s unlikely those providers get entirely blocked out. They’ll always find ways to bypass geo-restrictions.

Another reason you might want to have a reliable VPN company on your side is that they usually have well-structured and responsive client support to help their users with any rising issues.

BONUS TIP | Try Top Prime Video VPNs for Free

When it comes to VPNs for streaming purposes, sticking to a particular VPN provider for extended periods may not be the best approach.

The most effective tool you have to circumvent content blocking is flexibility. Again, it’s like a cat-and-mouse game. Opting for short-term subscriptions gives you an advantage, especially when dealing with Prime Video. But there’s a caveat.

For the most part, short-term subscriptions charge significantly more expensive monthly fees than long-term plans. I’m talking about 4 to 5 times higher costs! So, if you’re not willing to pay more for flexibility, you should pick a top brand that takes streaming seriously.

Try it for a few days to see how it goes in the real world. Remember, you can always take advantage of the money-back guarantee most services concede. If the chosen VPN works with Prime Video throughout that period, it may be a good choice in the long run and worth the investment. If not, ask for your money back, and try another service.

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See the highlights of the best VPNs for watching Amazon Prime Video and make the right choice easily.

References and additional resources

  1. Can I Watch Prime Video If I Travel Abroad? Amazon Prime Video Help.
  2. Issues While Playing Prime Video Titles. Amazon Prime Video Help.

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